StemVet is based in Tauranga.  The two directors have been involved in the veterinary and veterinary products arena for the past 40 years.

The rapidly emerging field of ‘regenerative & associated medicine’ is stimulating so much interest in veterinary clinical circles as well as with animal owners. There is now so much exciting global research, and current demand for it’s clinical application.

Mission Statement :

‘Stemvet New Zealand Limited’ - is committed to providing veterinarians with the knowledge and products to help make Stem Cell Therapy an everyday treatment in veterinary practice, and aims to put New Zealand veterinarians to the forefront of this rapidly evolving sphere of regenerative medicine.



Dr. CG Sinclair BVSc

-   Gil graduated from Massey University in 1970, and within 2 years set up a private Veterinary practice in Tauranga, and remains a director of that company to this day. He has spent a large part of his clinical activities in the production-animal reproduction field, and remains currently involved with two bovine IVF labs in NZ, and also two in Australia. Over the past 2 years Gil has taken a particular interest in the fast-developing  ‘regenerative medicine’ field in Australia, spending time introducing the concepts and supply of associated products currently available to veterinarians.

  KJ Hitchcock 

-   Kerry is well-known in veterinary circles in NZ, having spent a majority of his working life to date heavily involved with a number of prominent veterinary product distribution companies internationally, last and most notable was with his part ownership of and active involvement in ‘Ancare NZ Ltd’.

What is Regenerative Medicine?
It involves the encouragement of healing of damaged tissues through stimulating an overall healing process... Click for more info.