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Stemvet New Zealand Limited’ - supplies Stem Cell products to the veterinary profession in New Zealand for the treatment of companion animals and horses – primarily for degenerative diseases and injuries - osteoarthritis, tendon & ligament injuries, as well as in the treatment of bone fractures.

A ‘stem cell kit’ is now available to vets in practice.
It is called an adipose (fat) stem cell extraction  kit. 
It is now a reality that any pet owner throughout 
NZ can be serviced  by veterinary clinics in providing stem cell therapy for their pets.

Amazing features –

  • One treatment
  • Non-invasive surgery – quick minor operation – can be performed in a day
  • Stem Cells extracted from fat  - easily accessible
  • Very high success rate – often unbelievable results

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What is Regenerative Medicine?
It involves the encouragement of healing of damaged tissues through stimulating an overall healing process... Click for more info.